PAO, NPP “Smelyanskiy elektromehanicheskiy zavod” (SEMZ) is one of the biggest enterprises in the field of production, repairs and upgrading of rail rolling equipment, high-capacity vehicles, civil electric transport, port facilities, lifting facilities for industrial applications. 

The Enterprise is also specified in production of spare parts needed for the repair of all electric machines listed above. 


There are two main principles that are laid in the basis of Enterprise ideology. They are meant to provide high quality level of all products and the best conditions for our customers, which means high level of service and best prices.


Today our Enterprise has got strategic direction in the field of production activities that is product line diversification. We plan to develop and produce new electric machines. That is why our Enterprise provides all necessary conditions in order to reach this goal. We have started the program of technical and capacity modernization of the factory, implementation of quality management system due to the requirement of ISO 9001:2001. 

For many years our Enterprise has been a repair base of national standing. The fundament for the development of the factory today is the skilled staff, unique technologies and equipment, scientific potential that we could keep afloat. Nowadays the Enterprise has got a strong research and production basis that involves the whole production process of electric machines starting with the development stage up to mass produced manufacturing.

In 2006-2007 the staff of the factory did a great job. We became familiar with the production of five new types of electric engines. We have a plan for further differentiation of produced electric machines not only for rail rolling equipment but also for industrial purpose equipment (used in ports, mountain metallurgy enterprises and coal mining industry).  


Within many years of work our Enterprise has established strong business relations with partners from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenia, Lithuania, Latvia and Mongolia. Now we have partnership with AO “RZHD”, Ukrainian railways, Belarus railways, Ulan Bator railways (Mongolia), GP, NKP “Elektrovozostroenie”, AP “Rizhskiy elektromashinostroitelnuy zavod”, OAO HK “Kolomenskiy zavod”, AO “Sokolovsko-Sorbayskoe gornoobogatitelnoe proizvodstvennoe obedinenie” (Kazakhstan), Dnepropetrovsk TRZ, Poltava TRZ, Izyum TRZ, Konotop ZRDP, HK “Luganskteplovoz” and others.